About Union Titanium

UNION TITANIUM ENTERPRISE (SHANGHAI) Co.,ltd is a private high tech enterprise.By right of chinese huge resource,We focus at developing various compound rutile grade titanium dioxide,anatase grade titanium dioxide, lithopone, super fine synthetical barium sulphate ect. Our products widly used in to coating, paints, plastic,print ink,rubber, paper industry,enamel and ceramic industry, glass... 

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    Union Titanium Enterprise (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

    Office Add: RM 806,NO.6 Alley 5355,Hutai Road, 201907, Shanghai. 

    Fac Add: Baoshan industrial zone,200949 shanghai,China.

    Atten: Mr.Steel Hu

    Mobile: +86-18021006399


    Web: www.union-tio2.com

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